The FMS Stories Experience is best viewed in Landscape!

The FMS Stories Committee

Event Director's Notes

It's been a good six months since we started preparing for FMS Stories. I clearly remember the days when we started off from a plain canvas and imagining from inspirations, thinking about how were we going to pull this event off. That totally felt like yesterday. Now that this is actually happening, Iā€™m indeed blessed to have competent and efficient course mates work with me to make this event an experience for everyone, and I can safely say that FMS Stories is a showcase that everyone will be proud of.
ā€“ Lee Hao Wei

From what you see and hear to what you touch and feel, the creative team is the thread woven between the fabric of FMS Stories. Everything goes through the eyes of the team and each exhibit has been carefully planned and designed to ensure that whatever you see is nothing but the best that we have to offer

Zerick Poon
Isabel Tay

What's an event if there are no people to attend it? The marketers are here, there, everywhere! From social media sites to face to face conversations, we make sure the word gets out so that people like you can be part of our stories.

Abigail Ong Yun Qi
Ashikin Ali
Darren Teo
Chyn Ng

Behind every successful event is a team dedicated to running the show - both literally and figuratively. The Logistics team takes care of the nitty gritty details and sees to it that every information and prop needed is provided. As the backbone of the committee, they ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Elmer Tiangsing
Dany Alfian

Lending power to words and breathing meaning into each of them ā€“ that is the kind of environment where the copywriting team thrives. Through the art of crafting text, visual content is brought to life by every stroke, curve, and slash of letters.

Megan Cheah
Faith Ong
Wong Si Jia
Lauren Lai
Denise Tan

We are the people behind-the-scenes and the constant power that drives every digital imagination to realisation. Be it endless lines of code or dozens of interaktive features, we are here to take your experience to the next level.

Colin Chan
Yeow Su Xian
Joshua Ang