The Heart of Media

From film to journalism and design to advertising, FMS encapsulates the media industry’s unique range of skill sets. Passion is what brings these aspects together to form the beating heart of any media practitioner. With FMS Stories 2018, we present the journey that moulded us into who we are today.


With the plethora of exciting modules available in FMS, the opportunity to learn and discover our passion has been in our court since Year 1. Our experience with these modules, split into seven different parts, challenged our capabilities and allowed us to produce the works we are proud to present.

Get Pressed

Delve into niche forms of writing and tell compelling stories through more than just the press.

On Air

Go on air and learn about the ins and outs of the radio industry.

The Big Idea

From advertising campaigns to planning an event, it’s all about that big idea.


Create immersive experiences by bringing code and interactive design to life.


Watch the real movie magic happen behind the big screen – with special effects.


Lay back and enjoy the craft of television shows from scripted dramas to well-executed game shows. Get ready for the season premiere.

Now Showing

Grab a front row seat the witness the power of movie magic, now showing before your eyes.