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In the press, telling the best possible story is imperative – Mass Communication students master this skill through Journalism modules. After learning to write for newspapers and magazines, they can delve into niche forms of Journalism, or Creative Writing, to explore telling compelling stories.

With Creative Writing, I got to push the limits of my creativity and experiment with literature in unique ways. Having a space for students to evaluate and appreciate one another’s works allowed us to grow together and improve as aspiring writers.

- Teo Chin Hong Ted, Diploma in Mass Communication

Aside from strengthening my writing skills, Print Journalism was an enriching module that provided further knowledge to craft a publishable magazine. It's great that we have the opportunity to see our articles published for reading on HYPE magazine!

- Cheyenne Chia, Diploma in Mass Communication

Taking Online Journalism not only refined my writing, it taught me valuable lessons on how an online publication works and optimising our stories for the web. It allowed me to incorporate other media elements to further add value to our stories.

- Ian Izdeehar, Diploma in Mass Communication

Photo Story

Project Title


Project Author

Kenneth Tan (Photojournalism)


Saturday is finally here, and it is Ah Ma’s favourite day of the week. This is because our family would all gather at her house for dinner. It has been like that for as long as I can remember, and this keeps all of us closely knitted. Ah Ma still prepares her food with much love and fervor, with the only difference being… she is no longer the main chef. Since the onset of her dementia, my eldest aunt has taken over the helm for preparing Saturday dinners.

Online Article

Project Title

Beyond Vanity

Project Author

Amirah Amrin (Online Journalism)


Growing up, Reggie knew that his affinity for makeup would raise a few eyebrows in school and at home. But he’s bent on improving his skills, never mind if some might label him a “vainpot”. So he’s grateful that his sister Monica was always ready to be his “human-sized Barbie doll”. Even when he’s unhappy with the look that he’s created for her, she’d proudly show it off to her friends. The brother and sister bonded over their numerous private “makeover” sessions until September 2015. “The next session never happened,” Reggie said.

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