On Air

For those blessed with the gift of the gab, Radio Production is the perfect medium to share your thoughts through engaging speech. FMS offers Mass Communication students a wide variety of opportunities to hone their skills throughout their three years, whether on air or even on stage.

With an interest for the broadcast industry, I entered Radio Heatwave to reaffirm my love for Radio. Being a DJ of three years, I have been exposed to various aspects of the radio industry, which has equipped me with versatile skills for the future.

– S Sangeeta, Diploma in Mass Communication

Having had the opportunity to take up advanced radio production and intern at SPH radio has truly been a blessing as they have not only aided me in finding my voice, but have also broadened my perspective on this invigorating industry.

– Tashia Yang, Diploma in Mass Communication

Interning at Radio Heatwave has taught me a lot about the different aspects of running a radio station, from managing programming and people, to organising events and liaising with music labels. It was an extremely rewarding experience that I won’t forget.

– Amanda Edwards, Diploma in Mass Communication

Radio Drama

Project Title

Lost Tapes

Project Author(s)

Benjamin Ho, Janae Chua

Project Synopsis

Lost Tapes is a 5 minute radio drama that tells the story of two internet paranormal investigators who decided to spend the night at the old Changi hospital. The two went missing and were never found, leaving detectives in a frenzy to solve the case. The only evidence the detectives have are the lost tapes from the two. This drama plays back the lost tapes of the missing investigators and what went on before they went missing.

Project Title

The Epic Expedition

Project Author(s)

Joshua Seth, Le Chen Xiao

Project Synopsis

The Epic Expedition follows two Treasure Raiders, veteran Joshua and rookie Chen Xiao in their mission to retrieve one of the oldest art pieces in the world, the “Silver Jaguar”. It begins with their higher-up, Dr. Jones, calling them and giving them the Silver Jaguar is located to retrieve the treasure. The two Treasure Raiders begin their adventure off of a helicopter and landed at the open field near the ruined Temple. Their adventure of discovering the treasure is not smooth sailing, due to their differing natures - they must learn to work with one another, or else this mission will be their last.

Did you know?

Some FMS alumni who have become radio personalities include...

Jean Danker, Justin Ang, and Sonia Chew, to name a few.

Radio Heatwave is NP’s campus radio station...

... that is led by final-year FMS students with jocks from the different academic schools.

Radio Heatwave is a strong supporter of local music...

... dedicating most of its rotation to playing hits from homegrown artistes.


03 to 08 April • 10am to 8pm

Ngee Ann Polytechnic • Block 52 • Level 8