Project Rendering

Bringing any magical world to life is not easy. From basics like drawing, to more advanced skills through technical programs, Visual Effects (VFX) students are equipped for the rigorous industry.

Students are taken through the complicated process of Visual Effects, undertaking elaborate projects and adding a touch of magic to films.

Taking VFX, I have learned to independently face challenges. It is a niche course, but gives many creative freedom and opportunities. I appreciate having taken this diploma as I met great people, and will always remember the times we shared working on our projects.

- Tng Yong Jie, Diploma in Visual Effects

VFX was fun as I got to learn various things, from filming to creating effects as seen in movies. Starting with basics prepared us for advanced modules. Seeing how our work leads to enjoyable movie magic gave me a newfound appreciation for the course!

- Nishan Iyad Shirazi, Diploma in Visual Effects

VFX was not something I saw myself doing, but after three years, it’s a sector I appreciate. Getting to create my own ‘magic’ makes the many sleepless nights more worth it. The friends I made opportunities I got made for an unforgettable experience.

- Radin Affan Shah Bin Radin Yusoff, Diploma in Visual Effects


Did you know?

FMS has one of Singapore’s largest green screens...

... that allows students to apply their VFX skills while learning.

One company that a VFX student can intern with is Industrial Light & Magic...

...who has worked on blockblusters like Black Panther.


03 to 08 April • 10am to 8pm

Ngee Ann Polytechnic • Block 52 • Level 8