Our creative students make use of design and interactive elements to create visually stimulating pieces of work. Given both the knowledge of technical skills like coding and the freedom to create, they bring about fresh perspectives to give meaning to the shapes on screen.

Integrated Digital Media was an enjoyable module which taught me essential coding skills. We created exhibits which incorporated software that we wrote, and learnt different design principles. The lecturer helped to stretch our minds creatively through both guidance and allowing us to independently solve our own issues.

- Zhuo Yuanqin, Diploma in Mass Communication

Content Design for Mobile Devices was a module I have no regrets taking. With my interest for design coupled with the freedom to do on any topic for the assignment, what I got out of it was a project that was very personal to me, well worth the sleepless nights.

- Koh Yao Zhi Sergio, Diploma in Mass Communication

There really is no other module like Integrated Digital Media, that demands a great level of hard work and conscientiousness, but it is all worth it to see your creations come to life in the form of websites and interactive games.

- Tansy Phoebe Richards, Diploma in Mass Communication

Interactive Magazines

Magazine Title


Magazine Designer

Sergio Koh (Content Design for Mobile Devices)

Magazine Background

Deeply invested in gaming, particularly DotA, Sergio Koh designed and coded GGWP, a digital folio centered around Esports. His interest in games and passion for design led him to take the module condes, where he was given the opportunity to work on this personal project.

GGWP features Sergio’s invaluable experience from playing DotA, including game highlights and helpful tips for beginners.

Magazine Title


Magazine Designer

Amber Qua (Content Design for Mobile Devices)

Project Background

Armed with a burning passion for all things culture, Amber Qua prepared Scorch – a compendium of wildly discordant identities connected by the human spirit. The magazine was named for humanity’s fiery soul, hungering for the next novel adventure or experience; it was created for those who want to see more than the “mainstream” culture they are used to.

With the goal of showcasing global cultures to youths, Scorch features Amber’s curation of some of the world’s wildest festivals.

Magazine Title


Magazine Designer

Su Hyun (Content Design for Mobile Devices)

Magazine Background

Aimed at fellow film junkies, Kim Suhyun’s digital folio, cindié, centers around independent movies around the world while bringing attention to non-commercialised movies that are less talked about or mentioned in the media. Her love for indie movies also prompted her to highlight in cindié how indie movies can be as interesting and even more artistically diverse than normal Hollywood blockbusters.

Interactive Games

Project Title

Wipe It!

Project Developers

Sylvia Low, Weng Yao, Zhuo Yuan Qin

Project Background

Wipe It! aimed to teach users the importance of wiping the toilet seat. Using the main character Wonder Wiper’s vision, users could “detect” and wipe away germs that are invisible to the naked eye. At the end of the game, users get to keep a printed receipt of their score to remind them of their good work, further reinforcing the campaign’s message of toilet hygiene.

Project Title


Project Developers

Tansy Richards, Melanie Koh, Shermaine Lim Pei Xuan

Project Background

MegaFlush educated users on what can and cannot be flushed, and reinforce toilet etiquette in terms of flushing after use. The game is set in LooTown, which is flooded after irresponsible citizens clogged the toilets by not flushing. Users had to help The Flush save LooTown by flushing all the flushable items.

Did you know?

Some of FMS’s aspiring designers have gone on to establish their own businesses...

... such as Kumo Doodles and Kudoclasm Creatives.

Students taking the Integrated Digital Media (IDM) elective get to bring their virtually coded games to life with physical setups....

... using tools and materials provided the Makers’ Academy in The Sandbox, an on-campus department supporting budding entrepreneurs.


03 to 08 April • 10am to 8pm

Ngee Ann Polytechnic • Block 52 • Level 8