The Big Idea

The foundation of Marketing Communication, Advertising and Public Relations is the key to spread the word for any business or cause. From integrated media campaigns to events, students master the strategic use of different marketing platforms to nail the next big idea and sway audience.

My time in APR helped me discover my passion for social media and copywriting, which I find very interesting and fun. The course also prepared me well to enter the advertising industry confidently through internship and agency-based learning.

- Olethea Ong, Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations

What a ride it has been for the past three years in APR! The Agency-Based Learning Programme has certainly prepared me well for the working world and further affirmed my passion and interest for the industry.

- Er Joey, Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations

These three years have undoubtedly been a roller coaster of frustration and triumph, from winning pitches to the countless hours of lost sleep. Each experience has taught me to always stay hungry, be humble and never fear to fail!

- Sean Leong, Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations

Being in Integrated Marketing Communications has taught me more about the various marketing tools and tactics, and the experience has given me valuable insights to how campaigns are generated, planned and executed in the industry professionally.

- Dylan Chia, Diploma in Mass Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications was filled with nothing but fun and endless possibilities. It never fails to amaze me, how with a touch of strategy and dash of creativity can give the mundane and the ordinary a burst of colour and purpose.

- Shermaine Toh, Diploma in Mass Communications


Campaign Title

Join The Smart Side



Project Author(s)

Year 3 Advertising & Public Relations Students - Capstone Project

Campaign Synopsis

With the hashtag #jointhesmartside on Instagram, this campaign taught students savvy ways of job searching through light-hearted and relatable content that introduces JobTech’s features. JobTech is Singapore’s leading Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics technology start-up that provides optimised job matching tools and real-time labour market intelligence. Its augmented job search engine aggregates job postings from thousands of sources around the world, giving users access to an extensive list of jobs using only one platform, instead of going through the laborious process of searching across multiple websites.

Campaign Title

Discover Your Looks


Etude House

Project Author(s)

Year 3 Mass Communication Students - Advanced Advertising Elective

Campaign Synopsis

The campaign aimed to incorporate a digitally localised strategy to raise awareness of Etude House's new Mini Two Match lipsticks and change the current brand perception of Etude House amongst its target audience.

The goal for Discover Your Looks was to empower the target audience to discover their different looks with the Mini Two Match lipsticks. Each look – sweet, bold, sultry and classy – showed off the variety of colours and textures the lipstick offers, while portraying a more inclusive brand image with an empowering message.

Campaign Title

The Loogacy


North West CDC

Project Author(s)

Year 3 Mass Communication Students - Events Management Elective

Campaign Synopsis

The Loogacy was a family-friendly event with a superhero theme that encouraged the shared responsibility of keeping public toilets clean.

Its objective was to:

  • Create awareness of the existing problems and causes of dirty public toilets;
  • Educate the public on cleanliness and hygiene of public toilets and;
  • Promote public toilet cleanliness as a shared responsibility.

This project was done in collaboration with students taking the Integrated Digital Media elective, who designed interactive games for the event.
Campaign Title

Time For Change


Singapore Kindness Movement

Project Author(s)

Year 3 Mass Communication Students - Integrated Marketing Communications Elective

Campaign Synopsis

This campaign aimed to drive home the importance of parents’ role in character value education for their children. The campaign fundamentally focused on showing parents that they need to improve how they impart values to their children.

Time For Change emphasised how the simplest things done or said can leave an impression on children, something commonly overlooked by parents.

Did you know?

Year 2 APR students experience a unique Agency-Based Learning approach...

... where they work at agencies while being mentored by industry experts.

Final-year APR students hone their skills by working on a Capstone Project...

... which is an integrated marketing campaign for an organisation.

Notable Capstone Projects include ‘It’s Lit’, a financial literacy campaign for OCBC...

... and ‘Let Aaron Shower’, a campaign with the PUB.


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