Chronicling the journey of FMS' Class of '21, this year's edition of FMS Stories pieces together the real-time campaigns and projects forged by FMS students. In the spirit of preserving memories, the online graduation showcase will be displayed in the form of a scrapbook.

As the Class of '21 weathered the storm that was the Covid-19 pandemic, FMS Stories 2021 also pays homage to the batch's resilience and adaptability as they conformed to new norms and restrictions to produce exemplary works.

Advertising & Public Relations

Advertising & Public Relations (APR) grounds students in theoretical frameworks in communication behaviour, media characteristics, strategic campaign planning and brand management processes. APR students are constantly challenged to provide creative solutions within realistic market scenarios and are given the opportunity to showcase their skills through various campaigns for real-life clients.

Film, Sound & Video

Film, Sound & Video (FSV) is a course for aspiring filmmakers who yearn to create content to raise social awareness, uplift communities or simply to share personal stories.

Students have access to industry-standard equipment and facilities and are enrolled in foundation modules such as Scriptwriting, Cinematography and Post-production to hone their craft in filmmaking.

In this pursuit of artistic endeavour, FSV students can also utilise opportunities to develop and showcase their films at local and international film festivals.

MAss communication

Mass Communication (MCM), often termed as a “media buffet”, boasts a comprehensive curriculum ranging from print, online and broadcast journalism to advertising, public relations, radio, TV, social media and design. Students learn how to effectively use all media platforms to tell the stories that need to be known. With a constant stream of opportunities to gain real-world experiences, students are fully equipped to contribute to a wide-range of roles in the media industry.

Visual effects

Visual Effects (VFX) equips aspiring VFX artists with production techniques as well as key visual and creative skills. Students learn storyboarding, camera and lighting, motion graphics, 3D animation, special effects and advanced post-production. The VFX experience includes filming sets and scenes in an industry-standard green screen studio with an ultra-high definition digital cinema camera. Students are equipped with skills to paint dreamscapes, create lifelike simulations and turn fantasy worlds that have only existed in the imagination into seamless visual realities.
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FMS Graduation Showcase 2021