Film, Sound & Video

Singapore’s most distinctive and sought-after filmmaking course, Film, Sound & Video (FSV) is a course for aspiring filmmakers who yearn to create content to raise social awareness, uplift communities or to simply share inspiring stories.

Surrounding the pre-production to post-production work of the film industry, students learn to stretch their imagination to tell compelling stories and bring their works to life using a wide array of filmmaking tools, industry standard equipment and the latest post-production facilities.

Capstone Project – Advanced Production

The Advanced Production Capstone Project is learner-centric in nature and harnesses the students’ ability to contribute, learn and reflect within a cooperative group work environment. It leverages off the various modules the students have and are currently taking, with the lecturers acting as mentors, facilitators, and resource custodians in allowing the group to achieve their objective of creating their films. This provides an opportunity to students who have mastered the fundamental technical principles and practices of filmmaking, to explore their creative and technical knowledge by applying their skills and abilities in all aspects of film production, from start to end.
Amabelle Sng
Charlotte Koh
Dilraj Singh
Esther Lee
Michelle Choo
Tiara Lim
Wong Min Quan
Inspired by Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Murder on the Orient Express, "It's Not Me, It's You" follows a group of film students uncovering the truth behind the lost footage from their final year project.

An interactive film that allows the audience to play a part in discovering who the culprit is, "It's Not Me, It's You" pays tribute to our years in Film, Sound and Video.

Capstone Project – DOcumentary

The Documentary Capstone Project equips students with the technical and theoretical skills to produce an impactful documentary.

In a world where we are increasingly bombarded with false narratives and spin, this project places a strong focus on teaching students to analyse and critique documentary programmes and uphold the ethical responsibilities of a documentary filmmaker.

Students then translate their acquired knowledge into factual accounts that spark conversations among communities and help society discover extraordinary figures amongst them.
Liu Bing Jie
My father whom I hate is basically a hate letter to my dad about the different aspects of him which I hate.

One of the most challenging things I faced was shooting the film single-handedly. As the project was done over the circuit breaker, I had to learn how to communicate with my father to capture what I would like to capture while keeping things as candid as possible. It was also difficult handling being a director, cinematographer, sound recordist, and offscreen actor at the same time during the shoots. Nonetheless I am very grateful for my family's support in this film.

Capstone Project – Talk Show

Hosts of their very own talk show programme, students get a chance to discuss their favourite food, films, and anything in between. They are in-charge of scripting, producing, recording, and editing their 4-part talk show with a trailer. Talk about a hands-on learning experience! This project gives students a chance to coordinate their very own programme while applying the theories they have learnt during their time in FSV.
Adrian Ho
Azrael Tay
The Cinema Arena is a place where film lovers can witness how their favourites stack up against each other - but ultimately, it’s also a place where they can share and spread their love for film to a wider audience.

There are definitely unique problems that come with producing a series for YouTube. But I think it’s all about foreseeing these problems, and finding efficient ways to fix them. Whether that fix comes through a change in mindset or by tapping on friends as a resource, it’s all about preparation and powering through whatever obstacles may come.

Capstone Project – Television commercial

Building on skills acquired in their first two years of study, students have to come up with a television commercial from scratch. In this TVC project, students are challenged to film and produce a short 30-second to 1-minute advertisement that draws their audience in. Working with sound effects, motion graphics and alluring visuals, this project seeks to hone their skills in conceptualising a good visual hook while conveying a story within a short span of time.
Saktiswaran S/O Selvarajoo
Amma's Chicken Curry is a tribute video of my mum's delicious chicken curry and it was heavily influenced by Netflix's Chef's Table. Challenged as an artist and as a student by my lecturer-in-charge, Mr Lau, I also shot the entire project with almost no budget at all, which was definitely an amazing feat.