Advertising & Public Relations

From the bustling streets of the city to the mobile phones of millions, Advertising and Public Relations (APR) trains students to create resonating Advertising and Public Relation campaigns for the industry’s biggest clients. To them, no ad space is too far away and no demographic is too difficult.

Integrated marketing campaign

APR students get the chance to flaunt the skills they’ve amassed over the three years of their study during the Integrated Marketing Campaign - where they get to service a client in real-time and get a taste of the industry. Our student-run agency TLB & Co. had the opportunity to brainstorm, conceptualise and execute a three-month-long campaign to gather media coverage for their client, hair product brand Goldwell.
As the co-head of this project, I was able to better understand how crucial my role was to aid my teammates in terms of de-escalating the tensions amongst members, clarifying information regarding the project and enforcing the work on the members so that we could meet the deadline.

Local Integrated marketing campaign

To strengthen the relationship between local SME Sugar(ed) and its consumer base, APR students
embarked on the Local Integrated Marketing Campaign between January and February 2021. The students’ efforts were a rousing success, as the brand’s social media posts averaged over 60% greater engagement
in terms of likes and comments, across the short span of the social media campaign.
The main takeaway from this project is that it is very important to work together as a team. It is crucial that everyone in the class functions with a role and purpose as they are the most valuable asset within the agency. Of course there were hiccups along the way but the overall camaraderie of the class pushed us to do better and improve along the way.

CROWBAR Challenge

The main aim of the The Crowbar Challenge – an inter-school competition organised by the Association Of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore (4As) – was for participants to develop an advertising pitch within 48 hours upon receiving the client's brief. We are thankful and honoured that our proposal eventually earned the title of First Runner-Up.

The APR submission for Crowbar 2020 dealt with Feline High Rise Syndrome (FHRS), a modern phenomenon in Singapore where cats access spaces where they can fall from a significant height. The campaign aimed to combat negligence, one mesh at a time, and proposed the campaign tagline: “Cats Don’t Fly.” The campaign raised awareness that cats don’t have 9 lives, and educated cat owners on the importance of installing mesh on windows and doors.
Cameron Belliston
kristie grace seet Kae
muhammad shariff bin abdul rashid
Pek ser onn dayner
sim shi yun
The 48 Hour Crowbar Challenge allowed my team and I to stretch our capabilities and put all that we’ve learnt and experienced into practice. This meant combining our knowledge from school along with our experience from our various internships. We formed an agency ourselves to tackle the brief given to us from SPCA and partnering agency Forsman & Bodenfors. When we landed on "Cats Don’t Fly", we knew we had a banger. I am beyond grateful to my team for all the effort we put in, which led us to win first runner-up.