Mass Communication

Mass Communication (MCM) is a widely recognised course in Singapore’s media industry, where it equips budding media practitioners with the skills and versatility needed to handle a wide variety of media projects. From journalism and advertising, to radio and video production, MCM offers students access to a ‘media buffet’, presenting them with various hands-on learning opportunities to gain industry experience.

Documentary Production

Lights, Camera, Action! In the Documentary Production capstone, budding cinematographers, editors and producers learn about storytelling through video, including key foundations of drafting ideas, pitching and shooting. Students learn to produce, shoot, edit and most importantly, pitch to prestigious organisations to fund or screen their films, both individually and as a cohesive team unit.
Jane Seow
Nicholas Ho
The most difficult part was finding a profile, as we had to find people who had not been featured in the media before and were willing to be filmed. Needless to say, we faced many rejections! We learnt to never leave any stone unturned; to be meticulous and to persevere in the groundwork phase.

There were also times when I felt stuck at some point of the production process, like it had come to a pause and we were going nowhere. No matter how much we were struggling though, we gathered ourselves to press on. There is just something about passion which pushes you to strive for excellence in what you do.