Mass Communication

Mass Communication (MCM) is a widely recognised course in Singapore’s media industry, where it equips budding media practitioners with the skills and versatility needed to handle a wide variety of media projects. From journalism and advertising, to radio and video production, MCM offers students access to a ‘media buffet’, presenting them with various hands-on learning opportunities to gain industry experience.

Integrated brand Communication

Students on the Integrated Brand Communication team work together as an agency to strategise and execute an integrated campaign to meet the branding needs of real clients.

Constituting content, logistics, and creative divisions, students learn to work together to formulate a realistic, cohesive communication strategy based on real-world constraints for the external client, picking up valuable skills and experiences along the way.
Gomes NATHALIA Estelle
kang wen qian MAVIS
kEVINA SiM Wen xuan
LEE si yi Mabel
MELISSA Deborah Low en ling
My key takeaway from the project would definitely be the importance of a team in a campaign. It made me realise that we are but mere individual puzzle pieces, until we come together as a team and create a beautiful visual.
One collective idea built from eight different ones, was one that was enjoyed by a happy client! We handled elements of the campaign together, one that an individual would not have been able to handle on their own especially in such a limited span of time.