Mass Communication

Mass Communication (MCM) is a widely recognised course in Singapore’s media industry, where it equips budding media practitioners with the skills and versatility needed to handle a wide variety of media projects. From journalism and advertising, to radio and video production, MCM offers students access to a ‘media buffet’, presenting them with various hands-on learning opportunities to gain industry experience.

Radio Heatwave

The “Hottest Thing on Campus”, Radio Heatwave, is Singapore’s first campus radio station.
Gaining first-hand experience of what it’s like being in the local radio scene, students transform into a
radio DJ and get to host their very own radio show. As a capstone project, the team oversees everything
about Radio Heatwave: from auditioning and selecting the DJs, to coming up with programmes and even managing the station’s social media, events and promotions. The capstone team also gets to host their own radio shows, produce their own podcasts and collaborate with real life industry-clients as part of their curriculum.

Anjali selva kumar
chang shayanne
eshand jagatheesan
jamie ong
julian tay yong sheng
kiran kaihao pillai
M Darshinni Naidu
NG hui min lydia
As we worked with a real-world client for our final project, we also collectively improved our project management skills and learnt how to take feedback and constructive criticism to make the appropriate changes to our work.
Organising and executing an event during Covid-19 also got us familiar with all the relevant rules and regulations that are currently still affecting the media industry in Singapore, which will serve us well upon graduation.