Mass Communication

Mass Communication (MCM) is a widely recognised course in Singapore’s media industry, where it equips budding media practitioners with the skills and versatility needed to handle a wide variety of media projects. From journalism and advertising, to radio and video production, MCM offers students access to a ‘media buffet’, presenting them with various hands-on learning opportunities to gain industry experience.

CTV Productions

Ever wondered how the videos playing on the TVs around campus came about? CTV is Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s own television station that provides students with campus news and local entertainment through its screens across the polytechnic. CTV’s works also reach viewers beyond campus. Working independently with real life partners, some of their notable clients include Nike, Health Promotion Board and Universal Studios Singapore.
Acosta andreana cain
adam wan bok yen
dewi hazelina bte mohamad d
Iman izzati
medenilla marianne ashley o
Nur Adriana bte saini
tan li en
victoria lum siew yee
wong min quan
I was grateful to be able to work in a team setting to learn many sides to video production apart from filming and editing videos. I also got to take on various genres of content weekly and learn many new things about them in the research process.

Local Integrated marketing campaign

To strengthen the relationship between local SME Sugar(ed) and its consumer base, APR students embarked on the Local Integrated Marketing Campaign between January and February 2021. The students’ efforts were a rousing success, as the brand’s social media posts averaged over 60% greater engagement in terms of likes and comments, across the short span of the social media campaign.
Casting, filming, editing, publishing. When it comes to content production, it is still very much possible to create content despite being physically apart from your team. "Impossible" is just another word we use when we haven’t found a way, and when there’s a will… there will always be a way!