Mass Communication

Mass Communication (MCM) is a widely recognised course in Singapore’s media industry, where it equips budding media practitioners with the skills and versatility needed to handle a wide variety of media projects. From journalism and advertising, to radio and video production, MCM offers students access to a ‘media buffet’, presenting them with various hands-on learning opportunities to gain industry experience.


After 25 years as a print publication, Hype recently evolved into an online magazine to better reflect today’s age of digitalisation. HYPE is an online infotainment magazine for youths which focuses on deeper, more detailed features through lifestyle stories and opinion pieces. The capstone team spearheaded the revamp of the magazine, playing a crucial role in connecting with their youth audience while providing Gen Z-ers with relatable and thought provoking content.
frederick law
lee zhi ying
Shafiq LUQMAN guee
TANG jia wen
The key takeaway I derived from this project was that teamwork and communication are imperative to any project’s success. The whole HYPE team played to each other’s strengths and gelled well together, which made regular team meetings and discussions extremely fruitful and productive.
As my capstone team was tasked with shifting HYPE online during the Covid-19 pandemic and Circuit Breaker, we had to work on the project without being able to conduct face-to-face meetings and interviews. Thankfully, the team had met in real life prior to the lockdown measures, which helped to establish rapport and cultivate a strong team bond in the face of those difficulties.